Field Trip

March 03
by madison.smith 3. March 2011 13:30

Last Thursday my class went on an all day field trip to the nature center at Lake Fayetteville. I had a blast. We went on a long hike to look for coots,  lichen, a beaver lodge, a ground hog burrow, a sycamore tree, a birds nest, a great blue heron, and a lime stone rock.  We also went fishing in a creek for fish and other fresh water creatures. I caught a leech, 6 sunfish, and 2 gamusia (mosquito fish).  After the hike we went to the lake and collected water samples for us to see the plankton under our microscopes. The plankton was so weird it looked like flat bugs. my favorite type of plankton was the zooplankton because they are the active ones. 




Jr. Jewels

March 03
by madison.smith 3. March 2011 12:48


On Saturday 26th me and a few friends went to Camp NOARK for a girl scout event to work on our new journey series.  It was a ton of fun.  We played games, made thermometers, made a snack, experimented with static electricity, and learned about energy, recycling, and resources. 


My Skiing Trip

February 26
by madison.smith 26. February 2011 12:13

This year my girl scout troop I went skiing in Missouri, I know who knew Missouri had snow skiing. 


We first went to a class so that when we went to the slops we know what we were doing.  This was the first time to go snow skiing for many of us.


After all of our learning me and my partner went up to the slops.  At first I was really nervous but then my mom told me that my dad fell on his first try and that made me have a little more confidence.  I decided to just go for it once I got to the top, there was no going back. 


It was amazing it was like flying and I didn’t even fall!!  Although a few times later I was a little less fortunate.  I fell and hit my head really hard but I was okay.  Even though I fell a few times I had a lot of fun.


Girl Scouts

A Play date, Lunch and Helping the Shogun Chef

May 05
by madison.smith 5. May 2010 11:34

DSC00844My best friends, Katie and Hayley, had a play date with me and for lunch we couldn't decide what we wanted.  Katie said , “Could we go to Shogun?”, everyone thought that was a great idea.

Mom agreed to take us to Shogun.  We were the only ones at our the table.  The chef asked if anyone wanted to help crack an egg for him.  and I said,”Yes!”.  He flipped the egg to make it spin and I hit it.It was a lot of fun. 

I can’t wait to go again. 

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Rhythm Factory Dance Team Schedule

July 21
by madison.smith 21. July 2009 19:49


This spring I tried out for the junior dance team at the William Center – Dance – Gymnastics – Cheer.  I was one of the youngest to make the team, it will mean a lot of practice and hard work but it will be fun to learn form the older girls.  We also have some new teachers for Lyrical and Ballet classes.

Here is a tentative convention/competition schedule for the upcoming year:

Dance competitions are awesome, we get to see so many other really good teams, make new friends, and have some fun competition.



Top 10 Favorite Things about 3rd Grade

July 14
by madison.smith 14. July 2009 13:25

We are now in summer full swing, and I am going to camps almost every week.  My daddy asked me to think about 3rd grade and list my top 10 favorite things so here they are.

  1. Making new friends
  2. Getting the teacher I wanted
  3. Going to Walton Arts for plays
  4. Going to dance competitions
  5. The new outdoor classroom
  6. Having hamsters as class pets
  7. Going ice skating
  8. Going to the Boys and Girls Club
  9. Bridging to become a Junior Girl Scout

I can’t wait for 4th grade, and dance team.  I always have a great time with my friends and it will be fun to see who is going to be in my class.

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PRIMETIME Dance Competition, Little Rock, AR

February 05
by madison.smith 5. February 2009 14:09


January 24, 25, 26 2009 my dance team, The Rhythm Factory had our first competition.  I am on the Petite Team with 13 other girls.  We have been working on our routine for several months.  It was a lot of fun to see the teams from other studios perform.

Here are a few pictures of us at the competition.

029 253

We won 2 awards, 1st place in points and 1st place in Top 10.


Here we are outside of the Robinson Center in with our awards.  It was a lot of fun spending the night at the hotel and getting to spend the weekend with all of dance friends.  I can’t wait for the next one.



Cosmic Cavern Tour with Brownie Troop

November 12
by madison.smith 12. November 2008 10:49

I got to go to the Cosmic Cavern in Eureka Springs, AR with my brownie troop 5382. 


It was fun, we got to pan for our own gems and we got to watch a video about the caves.  I liked the video because it told the history of the cave.  The cave was awesome because it was so pretty. 


There was a room called ‘The Oh My God’ room and one called the ghost room.   My favorite part was the formation called the Frozen Milky-way it was very pretty.


Me and my friend, Anna Claire, bought a gem bracelet of gold gems.  I really want to go to the Cosmic Cavern again.



So you think you can dance in Tulsa, OK

October 24
by madison.smith 24. October 2008 06:09

Last week I got to go to Tulsa, OK to see the "So You Think You Can Dance" in Tulsa, OK.

It was a lot of fun, several members of my dance team got to go also.  Myra, one of my best friends from dance, got to go with me and my family.  There were a lot of really cool dance routines.  It was funny watching GEV in a dress.

We didn't get home until very late since it takes 2 hours to get to Tulsa.  I am soo glad my parents took me, cause it was on a school night and I had to get up early the next day. 



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